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I probably couldn’t afford to run anything but LED’s I am still what u consider a new grower less than 10 years of truly growing so only know the LED’s but have a lot of respect for growers who adapt to new shizz

    • Been at it so long, I had to re-wire my first grow light from a parking lot floodlight.  lol

      Hell, we didn't even have the internet, so you made do with local stuff.

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      • That’s crazy, I actually had to get on the internet to see when it was actually created 1983 I wasn’t born too many years prior to that. That is why I think CPW leaving hurt because when you OG growers go back and forth about a topic it helped me learn.

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        • Yea Hulk this is a new chapter in growing for me.Think I'm gonna love it once I get used to it sure is pretty hanging there and shining brite
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        • Congrats Ben, be ready to pick up the feeding I noticed my plants consuming a bit more nutes when I kicked up the PAR

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