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How is saying I dont want your points acting like an ass? I have made it pretty clear I don’t want them so the only reason to send them to me is to irritate me and it fucking works. Now Gee I wonder what prompted Josuha to send them to me, hmm. 

Now what the fuck did I do to piss you off? This has been building up for a while and write Fuck when you mean fuck, for christs sake they say it on network TV now. 

    • It feels fitting that the ghost of sub liked this post!

      I honestly sent the points today cause I was thinking of sub an how he’d always send points to me, ur just the first person on the feed I clicked on.   I’m sorry tho I won’t send anymore to you CPW

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      • No problem Joshua and I do enjoy the irony of it. I dont think I have ever used the points they give you on here back when they had value, I used to give them away to new comers. I have more NIrvana seeds than I could ever possibly grow anyway. 

        Tell Sub if I did something to piss him off to let me know, but an apoligy without  a reason is meaning less.  

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