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Added a comment to WP People. 

No problems here, but I dont want yours or anyone else’s points.

If someone does have a problem with another member couldnt they try and aire it out in Chat instead of leave? Just a thought. 

    • Quit acting like an ass over fkn points...they don't help you but they sure as fk don't hurt you...

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      • Hey Admin, 

        I think Joshua and I had this taken care of with no hurt or hard feelings it was just a simple misunderstanding and there were no harsh words. But its sure good of you to join us from time to time. Now that you have come out from under that rock, you could climb up on it and take a flying fuck at the moon you hypocritical two faced peace of shit.

        Do you have any idea what I ma refering to now?

        LilDick CPM Out




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        • Chill  CPW  Chill!

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          • Thanks ChAs420 but I guess social media is just not for me

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          • If it wasn't points it would be something else...some people are like that...Enjoy my response to your chat you sent me!!! After seeing this No way I feel bad about wtf I said to you!!!

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