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  • Hey Sarge, I hear you I had the same issue until not that long ago. There are a lot of factors to think about. For me I was growing reactively instead of proactive. By now your used to your light and how the plants perspire and eat so just need to dial in the nutes. I use FFOF I do not feed them any nutes at all just supplements and water and of course cal-mag. I started seeing that my issues occurred on average around week 6 of veg every time so week 4-5 I started very slowly feeding them bloom nutes this has worked well for me by the time I’m ready to flip the nitrogen is almost leached out of the soil and they transition nicely. I also will start dropping my ph a little and instead of bouncing it from 6-6.8 to 6-6.5. I hope this helped you also I tried to look up your light is it a k2 or x2?

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    • K3 Series2 XL600 LED


      you guys rock, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help!!  Also, I need to proof read my posts and get my info right. I’m about to cut the remaining plants, and clean everything.  Plan to only run 2 in each tent this time, till I get it figured out.


      I think you gave me a golden nugget of info Hulk!  Makes perfect sense that I’ve poisoned them by the time the flip comes and they just don’t recover.  Going to go with your system and see what happens.  Can’t tell you how much the help means to me!

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