Comment to 'Signs of life?'
Comment to Signs of life?
  • If any of them have the tap root poping out you could put them it the plugs. For the ones that dont have tails I would put them all in a solo cup of soil or coco coir and see if any pop there heads out. If they do I would pull them and put them in a pod if thats what your going to use or striaght into the final media. If you use solo cups make sure they cuts in the bottom for the water to drian. 

    You would do well to go to and read what intrests you

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    • I can see the outer shell crack open on many of the seeds but I cannot see any definitive sign of life yet.  I will put about half of them into plugs tommorrow and see what happens next.

      Thank you for the link, will have a look!  


      I am doing my best to do as this guy shows he is doing with old seeds.

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