Comment to 'Are In House Genetics worth the cost? '
  • In the end if you bump into that "gotta have it " bud you'll dig deep for change.

    Still sitting on the fence about getting freakshow beans. Then there is ABC out of Australia that is really weird genes. Grows like a bush round leaves

    This one's picts look a little like freakshow, a little


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    • I got this response from them 

      Jamaica Longtime 10 seeds 170 Euros or 5 seeds 90 Euros

      Shipping and tracking 10 Euros

      That is not over the top $. Jamaican was one of the first sinsemilla I ever tried and it left a really good impression. 

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      • I will try buying 5 and see what I can do with them, I am thinking I mostly want the Male pollen to add some of the qualities to the crosses I have started.  . 

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        • The KANDAHAR looks pretty good too. 

          Damn this seed buying addiction, I need to find a meeting.

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