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"I can't get back to weed portal. I even tried to start a new account and it came back saying spam detected or something...If you are there sometime tell Jimbo I'm trying to recover my account" 


SBL asked me to pass this on to Jim...

I'd say there are probably others out there that don't even know where WP went...

A mass email probably wouldn't hurt to let some of the older members know whats up...

Just a thought...


  • i wonder if he is seeing that warning message that was there on the first time we came in here..the yellow and black warning with something about Certificates er sumfin?,,i ignored it can came in anyway an after that i never seen the warning agin..dunno

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    • I dont know but lets get him back as soon as possible. He is one of the great ones

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      • SBL and Airplane was here a lil  before me. Other than them I'd say me and pipes came in a little after them guys. So they are the patriarchs. Def, need them here.

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