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So I have these experiments going on and was trying to help the plant by pinching off the bud sites. Well ended up more like a FIM. And this happened. Guess its a thing from my searches

Here's what this looks like. Only drawback is size how will they size up? Did I double the bud or half it?

    • Closer look at the underside. 

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      • looks like possibly half it. how close to done are they?

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        • It slows down/reduces the stretch. 

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          • Don't know the experiment was running on a plant already started in flower.

            Put out early.

            Pinched all the tips, buds, the idea removing flower material might encourage a reveg sooner. No such thing it must have some auto in her she is not going to reveg, that I can tell anyway.

            I started to feed a mid level flower nutes and it started making colas, the doubles are quite intriguing. Just going to keep her fed and watch

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