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Senescence, deficiencies or nutrient or pH lockout

As i can't really figure out what's happening to some of my plants i bought a pH and EC pen to test my run off next watering.

Some of them have been yellowing real fast over the past few days, faster than it should i think ... i think it might be a nutrient lockout or a pH lockout along side senescence and not senescence along side deficiency.

hopefully i'll be fixed when checking the run off pH and EC next watering if it's one or the other.

Then i will be able to improve thing and keep them under control next grow.

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    • i run a spiderfarmer sf-2000 200W, and nope doesn't look like bleaching that mostly fast yellowing of the leaves bottom to top the past 3-4 days wich make me think the plant is only able to pull nutrients from the leaves and no longer from the roots due to either nutrients or pH lockout may be.

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      • Those Gerlz Look awesome Vince! other than the yellow leafs...thats a mystery for sure..but since the gerlz are almost ready to chop i woudnt worry to much IMO...id just remove those yellow leafs so it dont look so bad...lol....i dont see any leaf curl or anything really...could just be the genetics of this strain...hope ya getter figgered out tho.....GL

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        • and no Hulk, the pots are not holding water longer than normal between feeding yet, wich i know could happen near the end.

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          • Good deal I know if there locked out they wont drink and pots are heavy longer than they should be.

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          • Regardless Beautiful sir!

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            • Your run off will tell the story . They look pretty good. Be careful with bloom boosters, the high PK numbers can cause a Ca lockout ! Dial in that PH too. GL 

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