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MMJ News

Former Food and Drug Administration Marijuana Working Group Chair Howard Sklamberg said he'd be "shocked" if the Drug Enforcement Administration doesn't reschedule marijuana by next year's presidential election.

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro's (D) office and key lawmakers say that legalization of marijuana in neighboring Ohio provides another reason for the Keystone State to finally end cannabis prohibition.

As the Lubbock, Texas City Council is set to consider a citizen-initiated marijuana decriminalization proposal on Tuesday, a new report shows that similar measures approved in other cities in the state have kept hundreds of people out of jail and increased voter turnout by being on the ballot.

Vermont regulators plan to temporarily stop issuing large marijuana cultivation licenses in order to limit supply and protect small growers.

Colorado retailers sold $128 million worth of legal marijuana products in September.

Florida regulators are asking a court to dismiss a lawsuit challenging increased medical cannabis business licensing fees.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) discussed changes he wants to make to the state's voter-approved marijuana legalization law after meeting with the Senate president and House speaker. A Democratic lawmaker who has championed cannabis reform says it's "a slap in the face to Ohio voters."

The Lubbock, Texas City Council unanimously rejected a citizen-initiated marijuana decriminalization proposal—meaning it will go before voters to decide on the May 2024 ballot.

A new Oklahoma law took effect that extends the state's moratorium on medical cannabis business licenses into 2026.

An Oklahoma attorney general task force seized what it said is 72,000 pounds of illegal marijuana.

Georgia regulators will consider medical cannabis production licenses on Wednesday.

Maine regulators that out of a sample of tested medical cannabis products, 42 percent contained at least one contaminant.

A study found that "full spectrum cannabidiol oil reduces breast cancer cell viability."

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill to allow medical marijuana grower-processors to sell cannabis products directly to patients and to grant grower permits to independent dispensaries.

Colorado regulators issued health and safety advisories about marijuana products with potentially unsafe levels of yeast, mold and aspergillus.

I weeded out as much political B.S. as I could, but it's almost impossible to weed it all out! Even more talk of psychedelics than before but left it out of this post, because this site isn't about that.

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    • This is my reference: https://www.marijuanamoment.net/

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      • I'm all about decriminalization. Legalization is ust a way for them to tax it so fuck that !! 

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      • I like the idea of legalization because it will lower prices of produict, but like anything else greed will set in and they will just limit supply to drive prices back up.

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