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One week and a half to go

(50 cm - 70 cm)

Colas and buds are not really big but they look dense and compact. Prolly gonna be a small yield overall.

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    • I see some good ones in there!  I like quality over quantity any day!

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      • Wow those babies really stretched, if I remember you did not too at all thinking if you top once it would have really helped tip the scales. You have some of the neatest and cleanest grow spaces. I also believe that these are photos? Do you:have you grown autos? Just asking CPW hahaha

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        • Well they didn't stretch enough to my taste, but that's prolly just the strain and it's genetic. I don't top my plants, i let them grow without topping just removing a few secondary and lower branchs that don't make it to canopy level.

          And yes they are photoperiods, but i have grown some auto twice with similar results as my photoperiods.

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