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Trim day for the Northern Lights Autoflower

I need a better way to trim, took most of the day for one plant.

Next grow Critical + 2.0 Auto

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    • awesome man! well done..enjoy!

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      • Thank you 

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      • Don't knock the method with results like that Greg!!  Pretty work!  


        Whats your method of trim?

        I hang mine upside down after I cut and pick most of the large fans off, then it goes in my drying box for a couple days.  When I switch it from the box to the buckets Ill do a second trim to clean up the sugar leaves and any remaining small fans.  Seems to go pretty smooth for me, but your plants are several levels above mine so Im betting they are little more work to trim them down.

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        • I pull the plant still in the pot out of the closet, sit down at the table in my garage, wood stove going, a little classic rock on the sound system and start cutting branches off the plant and trim until I have enough to load into the weedrier. I’ve tried dry trimming but I like wet trimming better. Best part it about 12 days later when it comes out of the drier and goes in jars. Oh that smell, can you smell that smell.....lol 

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        • I hate trimming, beautiful colas Greg nicely done

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