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OH DEAR FINALLY ! I found my way back home friends!

The old Raven has found her way back home finally. I was in a situation for such a long while where l was living with some friends who didn't want cannabis grown. The husband doesn't smoke at all, and it is about respect. I just found another place to set up with a different dear friend and he is a beginner and l am chomping the bit to set up a new mini tent grow. I found l can get about a qp out of a 2x4 if l lay them sideways. I missed you all! Good to be back with my people! cool 

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    • Looking forward to seeing some posts from laying one sideways!  Always think its cool to see a tree that's fallen and still grows towards the sun!  Welcome back to the Portal!!!

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      • id try tying them down and or make a scrog net an train em to stretch out over net rather than laying em on side if ya can..GL

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        • Welcome back raven. I understand your situation and I’m glad your able to grow again.

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          • Thanks guys... and yup l do bend them sideways and scrog.

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