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If I click on the Weedportal from the Nirvana shop I come to a blank page. Only me?

I honestly thought the portal has been down for two days

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    • yeah seems that it dont werk..so dont go to WP from there then...lol

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      • ok so if ya go way to bottom of the SHOP page and click on the   "WeedPortal Community" link it takes ya here to WP...but at the top of the Shop page next to where it says seeds under the Nirvana Logo the link says "Weed Portal" thats the dead link...lol...also if u scroll way down to bottom of this page u see where it says "Themes" u can change the theme of how this page looks...i have mine set on "Alternative Theme (cool)", it has all the links at the top spread out so u can see all the links across top of page

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        • I found the portal at the bottom but that is sorted out anyway now, just bookmarked the forum, easy enough. Not finding the them though. Ctrl+F also didnt reveal any theme. Doesnt matter though


          Edit, found it. Its in here. Makes sense. lol, thanks!!! Dark theme!!!

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          • Alternative could be useful though... Nope, dark theme!


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          • Jim said that they had just changed servers so I imagine they have some bugs to work out of the system. 

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