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No Improvement

I dunno what’s going on down here. But can anyone come help me narrow down as to why I can’t get anything right yet?


leaves pointing upward

seems to have stopped growing

unhappy vigor overall

I may or may have not overwatered.

I may or may not have a problem with the coco itself

I may or may not have a problem with pH

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    • what is your ph? how much water you giving it

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      • 5.9-6.2. May have overwatered this one. Just waiting for it to dry out. So if it was up to you, what would you correct first?

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      • I would just start a new one. The seedling stage should be stress free, healthy, and easy. Start your plant in a solo cup and just keep the soil moist. Let it dry out and then water only a little and repeat. Take a lighter and burn about 5 drain holes on bottom edge of cup to start.. Get some good organic soil and don’t feed it anything. I recommend fox farm happy frog. Organic and won’t burn seedlings. Just my 2 cents. Happy growing 🫡

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        • No easy access to specifically Happy Frog dude. Gotta stay with coco/perlite 

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        • I may be really just overwatering. But I’m still not sure if it’s a substrate or pH problem. I’m letting them dry out. And heck, last time I watered was 11/25. It’s about 4 days now and coco still looks dark. I’m not popping anymore seeds til I get everything down to a crisp. Thanks everyone for helping. 

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          • Looks to me your medium is to dry and I would check your PH to make sure it is in range, also make sure you are not using to much fert but just my 2 cents worth


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            • Hi just watered and runoff pH was at 6.1+ so I’m glad about that

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            •  lot of times the babies will seem like they stopped growing but they are making roots...and will take off like a rocket when they ready... dont love em to death!..is easy to kill em at this stage by throwing diff things at it to get it to take off...and IMO you should water it further away from the stem...and if you dont have one get a small fan to get a lil breeze goin on it

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              • I did just exactly that and I’ll have to wait and see

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