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Cooling tube or not, 600w

I hope you guys can forgive my failing memory here but it has been seven years since last time I grew cannabis, I found out by browsing old mails :-)

So I came to remember I have a digital ballast as well from Lumatek, 600 w, and most likely I will eventually find the bulb for it too. Its never been used due to the first one being faulty and when this one arrived I had already settled on a backup solution, a 400w. 

So the question for today is if I need a cooling tube for the 600w, or is it just nice to have? I might end up using a tent (80 X 80 cm) for flowering, for possibly better flow control and nice to have for arranging stuff. But I dont have to use the tent.

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    • Ok, I can certainly believe that

      I had a quick look at a reflector with cooling tube and if I  am to add a fan and some ventialtion, it is starting to add up. I might as well buy a LED light then, possibly.

      Or perhaps just use the 400w I already did ok with , without cooling.

      I also dont know if a 600w HPS can outperform a "2000 w" (low cost) LED. I assume it does but I am not sure. 


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      • Cool tube if you have a way to exhaust it out of the room or tent...I exhaust mine in the attic...when I used hps...I use LEDs now I still exhaust my room to the attic...hope this helps...Welcome to the portal...

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        • Yes if you exhaust far enough away they do make a difference if you use a high Watt system, I have used 3 of them with 1000 w HID and they made a big difference  

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          • Welcome to the portal Nortenos, glad you decided to grow again has to be a good feeling. Curious to know how you used to and if you will make any changes this time growing?

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            • I used soil and nutrients from Biobizz. Cfl light on the first grow and 400w HPS on the second. I never got around to bending the plants and using a net but I hope I can get around to trying that this time around. Improving it step by step. If I recall the first growth produced about 35 grams and the second was 150 g or so.

              I have no ambition of being the biggest producer at all but I would like to see my growth get better as I get more experience over time. 

              Glad to be here, I sure need a lot of input on this.



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