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Update on lockout

Well I ended up flushing my plants w 78 degree water pH at 6.6

Used a gallon per plant and caught just under a quart per plant of drip.  Had some light brown color to it and the drip water pH was 6.2


Soil is almost dried enough to start back with a reduced nute feed tonight.  Got some new green growth around the flowers and a bunch of crystals showing up on sugar leaves and flowers.


Going to reduce the nutes by 30% from what the feed schedule says to see if I can make it to full pull with these plants.  


Thanks for everyone's help that threw me some info!  Little pic of some new growth on a flower from a Girl Scout Cookies plant.

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Comments (9)
  • Looks like you're on the right track to recovery. Did you measure the run off EC ?

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    • I just have a pH meter right now.  Need to upgrade my tool bag!!!

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    • what size pot/bag r u using that is a very small amount of water and u have a quart coming out dam it take's a gallon and 3/4 2 get just a very small amount drain out of mine and it's a 5 gallon pot  ....  

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      • King these are in 5 gallon bags that have about 4 gal of dirt.  The roots have grown through the bags on bottom and sides ( not sure if that's a good thing), feels like the whole dirt ball has roots.  I poured the flush water fairly slow.  Would get a small puddle and let it soak in, then repeat.  Once i had a good amount in each pan I stopped pouring, and very well could have had some water run down the side of the bag.  I'm interested to see what the root ball looks like after harvest

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      • Sarge I agree with king that's a lot of runoff if your poring fast it might do that down the sides of bag, otherwise sounds like your turning things around. What I love is every grow of mine like yours will get better and if it dont we should stop haha but it's all about learning it's why we are here. Nice job Sarge

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        • sounds like u need 2 set that bag n a nother bag [ bigger ] u got all those roots hanging out looking 4 some where to go .....

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          • Haven't thought about that.  I'm thinking these plants don't have but a couple more weeks if lucky.  Definitely going to go with a bigger pot next round.  


            What size would recommend for an auto plant?

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            • i don't do auto's i do straight drive's .... LOL  i would think a five gallon but sounds like u have if going on n the root department .....

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              • Got to be good at something!  Hahaha 

                I've been collecting some seeds from some of the great strains that I see to try.  Seems like it will be like Christmas bc you don't know what you'll get.



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