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Mighty+ vaporizer for cleaner lungs!

I was expelling copious amounts of black phlegm during my second bout with covid 19 so I decided to upgrade from my usual smoking methods of joints, bongs and cheap vaporizers to a top of the line Mighty+ vaporizer for health reasons. I am blown away by how well this device works, I dare say it's like smoking for the first time. Efficient and precise temperature control to target the various cannabinoids for different effects. The vapor seems much cleaner than what my throwaway vapes ever produced. I'm beyond happy with this purchase and I recommend it 100%!

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    • i bought a couple vaps quite a few years ago to try..was ele cheapo's and over heated if ya dint shut em off after a couple mins er so....it was a plug in one to electic plugin..used to give a friend of mine the weed i took outta the bowl thingy on the vap...he sed it was good weed...lol...wonder how much is still good once ya dun with a bowl?

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      • People use the abv for butters and cooking. I save mine up and use it in brownie mix, good for a relaxing, chilled experience!

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        • I bought some lab grade alcohol to make a tincture but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

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          • After 25 years of smoking it definitely worth checking out thanks Rob

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            • I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it! Lower temps and you can really taste the bud, vapor coating your mouth, higher temps and I'm blasted to space! It's very efficient with product, you will definitely use less!

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