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Haven't seen much post on this strain but I'm loving the early frost on this momma! 1 of 8 nirvana strains in my garden and so far totally pleased!

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    • Its been carpet bombed with trichomes

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      • Could  be, are the others a frosty? I was hard core sold on Terpinator the first time I used it but after a few grows I think it has more to do with the strain genetics than the Terpinator. I used a shit ton of the Terpinator in the last grow, 30 ml per gallon through the whole grow. Next grow will be clones from the last grow and I dont plan to use any Terpinator so we will see how they do. 

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        • To be honest, too soon to tell. B52 looks good, cali orange looks good, zkittlez looks good, green crack looks OK, green crack and amnesia haze looks a long ways to go, mango skunk looks good and the grease monkey looks good. I guess we will see at the finish  line but b52 stands to be the frontier so far! I'm adding 3 ml per gallon from first res from flip.

          Not blown away so far but still way early.

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          • Cool keep us posted. Mango Skunk is an awesome strain if it still has the same parents as when I grew it. It made Pepe La Pew hold his nose.  

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          • lookin good pipes! nice frost! sure has long narrow leafs for a indica dominant hybrid...looks like it leans towards the  sativa side of the family!  lol..shud be good stuff!

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