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The tie down

Taking my time with this round in veg after 6 weeks tied everything down and trimmed might go 9 weeks veg before flip showing signs of preflower but would like to spread out a bit more before they stretch up.

I have one black widow not topped and my first auto which is grease gun. Both of these seeds came from flower bought from dispensary......so now I have friends asking when they buy if there is any buds that have seeds and they sometimes do so i would rather spend $100 get some good bud and seeds to boot. Wish my buddy kept more of the widow seeds he said there was a shit load in the buds he bought he was pissed. The widow has huge fan leaves.

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    • Have you got lots of height to work with? Haze strains are known to double at least, mostly when you dont want them too of course. lol. 

      Tough call on the dispensary bud with seeds, could be a high risk of hermi or it could be the next "it" strain. Keep us posted 

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        • I hear you on the risk for what it's worth I planted 2 seeds and I'll be smoking from both stinks I did not kick my light schedule up to 20/4 but she still trucking along at 18/6

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          • monster leaf! love that plant on the left!

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            • You might have a special plant !!! The fan leaves are impressive ! Healthy plants bruh ! So do you grow the auto with the other plants ? I see you're dialed in on pot size too! Peace 

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