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Thanks. I guess im gonna leave it alone. It hasnt infected any ther plant yet. Hoping im good to go with it. Thanks again!

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Thank you. This one plant was different from the start. It sprouted 6 days after the other ones. When it did sprout it had those marks on the leaves. I thought it wasnt going to make it. Was ready to toss it out ,then all of a sudden it started growing. It caught up to the others now. And yes grow weed easy is the best. On that site daily. Thought it might be that mosaic disease. Just dont want it to go to other plants.  Thanks again!

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These are gelato fem. im growing in fox farms happy frog. 3 of my 4 seed sprouted 2 of them look awesome the 3rd was real slow growing to start. the leaves were kind of twisted a bit and the have this light streak on them. these  are 4 weeks old. It seems to by growing pretty good now, I was just wondering what it is and is it contagious or not? (the bigger plant is blue dream 7 weeks old) Thanks!!

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no but thanks for the complement.

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Thanks alot. I'll post more when I harvest in a few weeks.

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The lights are Viparspectra. This is my 7th grow

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Thanks. Im using LEDs I got 2-600 watt and 2-300 watt

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Yeah Im gonna move a window unit in there tomorrow after work. My house is also old built in 1910 

. Its built out of old railroad cars. can see writting from side of a box car in some places. also they used news paper from 1908 in the walls to stop drafts. Pretty wild when I do remodel jobs, reading those old papers. Thanks again!

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