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Weed is magical , Gods gift . 
Botanical medicines, Ancient ways .

I will make Australia the weed bowl of the world 

Big factors in favor for this are 

Artesian Basin

Mass of land 


And Intent


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Horray So I’m pretty sure it’s been 3 days if not 4 . I can see 16 out of 22 have sprouted out and upwards . Areba Areba . Does any sense be have any tips for me from now till I transplant them into bigger pots ? Like how long b4 I do that

I tried 4 in my first round  and 3 got mould all over them everywhere because  ( I was Not paying enough attention) I thought it was my biodegradable pots but I now believe it was my wooden stick I was using as labels re ; strain . Looking looking bio cups might be back in them 

Ty. Yes, yes and yes. I loved the first three to death. I do have a humidity dome and heat mat . I have only just purchased my clone led tubes . I did not know that they would be fine without light so that is top info ty .

Ty. Yes I have just experienced this situation with my first 3 and they did get a bit stretchy . 

Ty  . I have not made my starter plugs as wet this time

Awesome. Ty . Yes I think I over loved my first three babies with water . Thank you for the great advice . 

Any advice or knowledge on starting from seed welcomed

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K , smile Omw , Adelante , Adelante ,Areba ,  Areba . Any help welcomed xo


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