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technical crap

Hey dudes and Dudettes ,

I been wondering about this for quite awhile. Everyone knows that the PH will rise when you aerate your water.... especially water with a low PPM . So  , I ph my bucket to 5.8 and turn the pump on ...Up goes the PH. I read that it actually raises the ph without adding any alkalinity . What does that mean ?? should I then lower the ph with ph down ? will it stabilize ?

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    • what are you measuring  your pH with?

      alkalinity is how resistant your water is to acidifying. 

      hopefully youre starting with fresh nutes cause alot of liquid fertilizers (all) have a shelf life.

      1.) add your nutes in the right order

      2.) set your pH to approximately 5.8

      3.) party on


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      • When I first did dwc I was a ph hawk. God forbid the ph rise or lower lol. Now with some dwc under my belt this is what I do. Just like Sub mix nutes in correct order ph and I adjust mine to 6. Ph 5.8 or 6 I see no difference i have done both. Just my deal lol. I usually check ph the day after and she usually raises to 6.3 6.5 . I bring it back down to 6 and 90% of the time she doesn't get out of range too bad after that. .This usually happens till i get a pretty good ways in on the grow . i have noticed that the ph does stabilize more when the plant is really eating . I now check once a day after bucket change and do not check untill I see the plant start to show me signs of a ph problem. Believe me you will learn how to identify ph problems first in dwc lol. I have also noticed to when a plant shows me the first signs of a bad ph I jump on it and the plant straightens out. You can't even tell it. Just keep it simple. I read allot of material on stuff related to problems and I get overloaded with info and I start thinking i need to do this and that right then and there. I have learned to slow down processes that info for what it is . I tend to over think, allot lol. 

        I hate to say this but it is true! I am glad the first two plants I tried in dwc died. I learned that I was over reacting to situations making it worse. If anything has taught me more about growing and problems is dwc. 

        You got this! 

        Remember there is so much knowledge in failure! If you give up you haven't learned anything.  

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        • I use a Blue Lab ph meter.

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