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Is this growing set enough for beginner ?

Hi. I will grow for the first time. You think is this set is good to go or should i make some changes on that ?

LINK - Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot Cabinet 40X40X120 
LINK - Wired Mirror Reflector
LINK - Pro Star 125w CFL Grow
LINK - Pro Star 125w CFL Bloom
LINK - Carbon Filter 190 m3/s - 100 mm
LINK - Mini Axial Fan 100 mm/100 m3 - 14w
LINK - Additional Air Duct 100 mm - 2.5 m
Biobizz Light Mix 20 liter - https://www.growkent.com/Biobizz-Light-Mix-20-Lt,PR-414.html
LINK - Plagron Alga Grow 250 ml
LINK - Plagron Alga Bloom 250 ml
LINK - Grow Bag 7 liter
LINK - Mini Heat Moisture Meter
LINK - Liquid Measuring Pipette 3 ml
LINK - pH Test Paper
LINK - clampco 100mm

Mechanical Time Clock

Reflector Suspension Chain


Thank you.



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    • You'll need a small fan on the inside, circulating the air.

      Other than that, and being REALLY small, you've got your basics.

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      • So from the links it looks like your in Turkey. Have you seen Midnight Express?

        I agree your going to want a small fan to circulate air

        Your going to want a bigger tent, one plant in a 40 x 40 x 120 tent will fill up in no time. If thats all the room you have you will make it work but its more common for growers to magically find that extra space, I did anyway 

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        • Thank you for the comments RbtAsq and CPW .I will change tent to Hydro Shoot 60X60X160 and buy a small fan. As i check some seed for beginners i find Ppp Feminized and Nicole Kush Feminized . You think that tent is enough or i should go more bigger ? Thank you. And yes i am in Turkey and i never watched Midnight Express, i just hear now.

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          • I think the guy in Midnight Express was smuggling something stronger than weed,  but laws in other countries kind of freak me out. You probably hear really bad things about getting caught with weed in the US but it is getting better. 

            I have not grown either of those strains from Nirvana but they do have very good Kush strains and I do love a Kush, never had a bad one. 

            How many plants are you thinking about growing in your tent? I have never heard a single grower complain that their tent was too big. 

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            • I have plan to grow 1 or 2 plants not much. Just want to have some experience at first.

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