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CO2 System

Can anyone recommend a good C02 system for a 8 X 8 X 8ft grow room? I tried the Exhale bags and they seemed to make a difference but I would like to step it up a notch. We had a couple of hot days up here in the 90s and with the LEDS on full 100% they temps stayed under 90 but if I can add C02 and leave the AC off. It would be great. 

I wonder what would happen if I mixed C02 into the air pump for the RDWC? Is that a totally stupid  idea? 

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    • I wasn't impressed with the Exhale bags, myself. Don't think I was airtight enough, and it was bleeding out.

      Leaves use CO2, not roots. The reason we put airstones in DWC/ RDWC is to oxygenate the water. Pump CO2 into your rez, and you'll end up with soda water.

      Like everything else, think it'd be cheaper to buy the pieces/ parts, instead of a whole setup?

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      • I think the bags help but not like the real deal, bottom line to me is paying $70-80 for enough bags to cover my area and not knowing if its doing the job is too much for me. 

        Good point on the C02 in the air system, Duh,

        I am thinking piecing together a system is a good way to to or find a used setup with a tank. 

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