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Colloidal silver

Good health to all! Hi, tell me, how often during the growing season it is necessary to treat the branch with silver, what would give pollen? On par with each watering or once a week? What should be the optimal interval? 

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    • I spray the node I want to get pollen from twice a day starting a week before I flip to 12/12 and them once a day after the flip until I see balls. Doing it outside may be tough since the transition to flower is less predictable but I am sure it can be done, Of course all your plants will get pollenated if you do outside unless you isolate it some how 



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      • Useful article on the link, thanks. For more details, a question more. Do I understand correctly, the entire branch does not need to be processed, it is enough to choose one node on the branch and moisten it regularly? 

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        • Yes that is correct, you can get pollen at one node and bud to smoke off the others. Dont smoke the bub from the node you sprayed though

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        • Most folks start spraying the nodes area on limbs u want....once or twice a day, start spraying a week b4 u flip to 12/12 and another week or so after that then stop..after a week or two you will see male pods forming at the nodes u sprayed and any other places if you got spray drift..   i like to keep my plants shorter in my CS projects,  it just makes it easier and less time growing  IMO...  also when the pods start making the pollen, u can shake those limbs against or over other limbs that have the white hairs on the buds and seeds will form..   you can also use Q-Tips or a artist paint brush to dust the buds hairs..  also u can use tweezers to pull off the male pods that have the lil nanners of pollen and move those around over other buds to spread pollen..  are various ways.. takes like 4 to 6 weeks after dusting to form strong viable seeds

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          • Thank you for your support 

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