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What does it mean when they report a strain has 3 parents

Does that mean 2 males and 1 female made seeds? If you did have 2 males and a female in tent wouldn't the seed just be a cross of one or the other? For example AK48 parents are listed as  Colombian Gold X Thai X Mexican X Afghani. I am sure they were all beautiful and it was a hell of a party but how did they end up with just one strain from the 4? 

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    • They cross them one at a time right after the other. So In theory the strain has 25% of the genetics from each parent but this is not always the case as some strains are more dominant and will walk over others, it’s about selection and testing.

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      • But now say if the cross is put down like this (Colombian gold X Thai) X Afghani. 

        The Colombian gold and the Thai were already crossed together before the Afghani was introduced.

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        • I get it if they are just reporting the linage but then all plants go back to the landrace they were crossed to. X1 + X2 +x3 +X4= X5 but (X1 + X2) + (X3 +X4) will not result in the same X5

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        • ive never seen or heard of a strain only having 3 er 4 parents..IMO most strains on the market have many many parents in there Lineage history till now...when i make seeds and label them with the final mother's name on the left side and other parents name on the right...example...God Bud x Ice x Blueberry...so what i did was used pollen from a Blueberry strain and dusted the Ice plant and then took pollen from the Ice x Blueberry  plant and dusted the God Bud..so the God Bud has Ice and Blueberry in the Lineage.....but those all have many strains mixed in em to get them to the plants thats used here...so i could say they had 3 parents but really they have many more b4 i got ahold of the strains to mix em

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          • Nirvana lists more than 2 parents on a few strains, look at AK47, Jock Horror, Raspberry Cough Ice, I think there are more but they may not be available in the US anymore. I dont understand what they mean when they list more than 2 as parents, I have seen dogs and cats have a liter and some obviously had different fathers but never a mix of the 3

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            • I get that and its kind what I would expect to see but how far back do they need to go? Ice has or had parents from different strains before they stopped sell it in the USA  ,I may be wrong but I expect all the landrace strains have been compromised at this point, 

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