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The hydroton substitute

Saw this a while back and did a little  look into it recycled material,  pH neutral, infinitely reusable ( obviously they never had to get it out of coco), no dust and doesn't breakdown. I'll check it out, put it in some stuff maybe, put a dwc together using it.

Been meaning to get some veg started in dwc this year. 

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    • interesting! 

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      • Mix a bag of this, with a bag of Turface, and you should have a good medium for hydro growin ! It's funny how Turface hasn't caught on in the weed growin community. Horticulturist  have been using it for a long time ! It offers the best of both drainage and moisture retention, is reusable, and PH neutral. 

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        • Isn't  that the stuff they use for bonsai? Or baseball fields?  A clay product or is it a dirt? Seems like it would be difficult to clean, have you used it? 

          Going to dig into it . Pun intended!

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          • Hydroton is cheaper.

             So my question is, Does this stuff FLOAT??

            That's the one thing I'd change about Hydroton.

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            • yes, it does float. but lets see if that changes threw some into some water to see. so apparently it does hold air not sure if that's a good thing, should be holding moisture right? or air I guess. Dual purpose. ha! I guess if you wanted to separate the media after use floating kind of works. for cleaning 

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              • wow ive never seen the stuff before. Yeah i reuse my hydroton over and over. 

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