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Hermies.....more hermies!!!

Ok, I'm a pretty patient and generally passive guy but, WTH is up with more Hermies in my sceen of Auto Glue! I got 4 maybe 5 that are standing up to their name and WOW are they ever! BUT and I mean BUT I have had to pull 3 last week that showed nothing but Nannas with no signs of budding and now I have at least two more that are budding lightly but also show Nannas.....WTH! For my first time buying sexed seeds I must say I'm not having any better luck than I do with an unsexed crap shoot.....Should pull these too before I loose my entire screen of Glue or hold out because they are budding, well sort of.....Is it normal to have to pull half a crop like this when paying such a proce for seeds. Still waiting on ANY word about the free seeds I guess I won and boy I sure could use them now!

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    • Ok, I could have sworn I replied to this yesterday and someone made a comment to that but this says 0 replys? Whats up with that?

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      • Hmmm. I think you have light getting in your grow area during off light hours, unless you're on 24hrs, that's the first thing to check for. I've had that happen because of the red light on the power strip. the best way to see if light is getting in is sit in the grow room for 15 minutes, till all the light in your eyes is gone and its just black. if you see the tiniest light coming in block it off.

        P.S. even autos can go herrmie because of light being on during off hours. if you're on 24hrs then it could be anything.

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        • Genetics, some seeds will just be prone to hermies and nannas

          @growgrowgrow , i;ve heard lighting is sometimes the culprit , never happened to me tho

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