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Breeding time frame

They all popped at the same time and some have obvious signs of male flowers but some plants I think are fems are still undecided.  Is timing a concern? Could the males mature and drop pollen before the females are ready? I am thinking mother nature has done this before.

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    • If I can throw out a suggestion.

      Me personally am in no rush to harvest any in my breeding tent. Just let it ride 8, 10, even 12 weeks if need be and trust me, you'll get good seeds.

      It's gonna take at least another 2weeks for them sacks to drop anything anyway so I think your timing will be good just let them keep going for as long as it takes.

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      • That is my plan I will probably pull the male a few weeks after the after the pollen has all fallen and the male flowers are dried up. I have no intentions of harvesting the fems for anything but seed. I just want to make sure the females are getting viable pollen at the right time. I will probably collect some pollen just in case.   

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      • If you were looking to just pollinate a branch then maybe time would be an issue but not the way we're doing this.

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        • Thats what I am thinking/hoping 

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        • One of the Unknown Kush plants is a male, deciding what to do with it wont be fun. If the other one is female I may find a quite room for them to do their thing. Both are good looking plants.

          So 3 SSH, 2 are male the 3rd is probably female

          2 Unknown Kush, one male one is probably female

          2 Lemon OG Haze F4 they could go either way still but I am thinking  female. 

          SSH and Lemonn OG Haze cross is the goal

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