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Auto Feed For Soil

I am thinking about setting up a auto feed for soil once my breeders in one gallon bags start to flower. How often do you water soil in an indoor grow under a cheap LED? I am thinking I should hit them once every 2-3 days depending on what they show me but do you feed everyday or have a feed then water only schedule you follow in soil? Happy Frog to be specific. I would like these plants to stay small but have enough nutrients and supplements to make viable seeds so I wont be feeding them like I would if they were for bud, or should I? Any specific nutrient or supplement for seed making?  

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    • ive only done seeds a couple times. but that was in hydro and i fed the same as if i was going to smoke it. that was also with cs. 

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      • Thanks, that is what I have done in the past in hydro also. 

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        • well keep us posted if you do it in soil. are you using reg. seeds or cs to make the seeds

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          • All regulars this round

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