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Coco Loco Question, Texasbob The Coco Loco Man

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Do you feed seedlings in coco loco or wait until they grow a bit? Mine have 4 true leaves now and about to birth 2 more for 6 leaves.  I always gave them a little food and cal/mag in coco coir at this stage but they mention there is some bat guano in coco loco. They also recommend the PH about the same as soil between 6.3 and 6.8, Is that what works for you?

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    • I start with a root stimulator as soon as they sprout for the first week at half strength every other watering and then start the fox farm grow big at about 1/8th strength and build up from there. I have noticed that I have really backed off of my cal mag in coco loco and the plants seem to do better. The ph is the thing that kicked my ass for the longest time. I have found articles that say to go with a higher ph like soil and I have read articles that say to drop it down like hydro. I have really had to experiment with my plants and it seems to me about 5.8 is where my sweet spot is with my set up. Hope this helps a little. 

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      • Well hell I didnt know I was starting a new science project, lol. I am trying Canna Rhizotonic this time, so i will see how that works, glad I asked I had forgotten about it. My tap water PH is 6,5 then when I add nutes it drops to 6.0. I will start with that and see what happens. I hope Amnesia Haze & Blue Dream are not to finnicky and make good mothers, I have 6 holes in the RDWC and the Ebb and Flow table to fill.


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        • I think your ph at around 6 is a good place to start! When I say 5.8 I don't really worry if it fluctuates up or down a couple points as long as it doesn't consistently stay high or low. 

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          • If you have healthy roots PH doesnt matter as much. 

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