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Coco Loco Instead Of Coco Coir

I am trying Coco Loco again. Do you folks feed it every day, once a day or do a feed/water schedule. I use an auto feed setup so I am going to feed everyday but maybe I should cut back on the mix a bit.

Anything else you can offer will be appreciated 

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    • I have grown twice with coco loco. I honestly think I am trying to still find my sweet spot with it. On my last grow I fed every day during veg but starting backing off in flowering. I was trying to find pictures of both grows but I am having trouble finding them on this site. 

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      • I thought you used Coco Loco and had good luck with it. Those look great. I think I will try watering once a day and see how it goes. Thanks

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        • I have pretty good luck with it but it took a little getting used to. When I wrote that earlier I was talking about nutrients, I do split my watering to twice a day. I do notice a twice a day watering brings better results. 

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          • Cool. I was hitting the coco coir 3 times a day so I will adjust the timer to twice.


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