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    • very cool lot the good times roll ........

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      • its different for sure.

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        • Thats crazy...and awesome enjoy your momified weed.

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          • It dries out fast. Probably best not to open until I am ready just thinking. 

            Smooth, really smooth, may not last very long.😆

            Hashy taste, with the Blackberry blasting away on top. Can't comment on strength, but it has a hash buzz which is nice

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            • I'll say this again because it's worth saying again this shit is the smoothest smoke ever. Tastes great too, the hash taste doesn't mask the flavors of the weed. I can see what they mean about the original quality of the weed is important,  if it's so so it will be as well. But if its fire 🔥  it will be the best ever. 

              Have some of the White widow cob curing now and that came out really well and will continue to ferment a few more days before I start curing. The process blends together because the difference between fermentation and curing is drying it  out. 

              If your looking for a different way to cure your buds especially if it is difficult due to humidity,  try this. If you follow the instructions you'll have some smooth smoking shit.


              This is the original post. Worth a read anyway

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