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Hi, I'm RecklessLemming. Long time smoker, first time grower.

Thanks to Mark D for the 'Thumbs Up' on the profile pic.

The forum name and pic are from a long time gamer tag, dating back to the days of MSN Games (Rogue Spear), because yes, I'm that old. The kind of old that means I'm past the point of caring who knows that a rheumatic arthritic person, living in retirement community, has decided to grow their own smoke.

I used to have a good dealer, which I preferred at the time, but they kept getting robbed by their roommates. They decided to hit the road, to follow the festival circuit, and I can't say that I blame them.

Anyway, I found my way here from a checkout invitation of a seed order, from Nirvana Shop. I'm still a month away from my hardware getting delivered, assembled, and then starting my first indoor hydroponics grow, so I'll just be sitting back and listening/reading from those who have more experienced views to offer.

Hopefully, in the future, I can be able to contribute to the forum in a more meaningful way.


    • Welcome to weedportal 

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      • love the pic

        Welcome to the portal. well you've found a nice little corner of things here. We like to grow. a bit. 

        you find yourself in good company. 

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        • Welcome!

          Brave of you to go straight for hydroponics! Looking forward to getting updates on this grow for sure!

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