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it's pro~mix and i PH and PPM ever thing i need 2 get something 2 catch the run off n ... Thank u brother ...

    • well King, I never found runoff to tell me much unless you look at it all the time and you can establish trends which are a good way to track things like rising/falling pH over time and obviously if your runoff spike there are root things going on which might cause this. now I know u r like me and are pretty diligent about checking mix pH and such so I am thinking that your runoff isn't going to tell you much in this case.

      I might look at my formula after a nice cleansing flush and be certain I was not having a seizure when I measure out my last feeding. should come around, top growth looks great and if it hasn't slowed down might be a nutrient fart and you have a little lockout

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      • thank u Mark D ...

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