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its not dont worry, i know the date is funny but its a real thing and many growers already posted some great pics, i cant wait to see all the results in the end :)

    • Jim,

      Sorry to sort of break in here, I've been looking at weed portal again today and trying to make sense of it again (not very successfully). It's occurred to me that this would probably be a better place to find answers to my numerous seed failures this year (things do seem to be suddenly improving)

      I'm not completely stupid and might figure it out eventually if I can push myself to persevere. But I, wondering if there's a how-to on using weed portal.

      If not - how do I post an open question on here?

      Best regards




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      • You can just do add new question, or post (both options you should be able to find in the top of the page)


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