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If I end up replacing my 2 1000's, it'll cut the watts in half, so it'll cut the amps in half, too. They're relative.

 Yeah, I'm nervous to see what my end result will be. $350 may not be much to all y'all with deep pockets, but it's a chunk out my poor old ass!!

Mama won't be happy if I don't like it. She's already asking if I'm selling the HPS's!

    • Its kind of a business investment for me, I am getting up there in years and I screwed around a lot when I was younger so without some kind of supplement for income I will have to work until I die. I probably will anyway but my wife will kill me if I die broke and leave her nothing but bills. 

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      • You'll like them Rbt  !!! CPW, I hear ya bro !! But I don't have a wife !

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