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  • i have a lot of regular seeds in my collection that ive bought or were freebies over the past few lots of reg and fem and auto seeds ive made..its addicting to the is a list of my regulars....

    Delicious-Seeds Sugar Black Rose

    Delicious-Seeds-Original Jaun Herer

    Delicious-Seeds-Unknown Kush X Bubba Kush

    Nirvana-Aurora Indica

    Nirvana-Raspberry Cough

    Nirvana-Swiss Cheese

    Nirvana-White Rhino

    Nirvana-Wonder Woman


    MSNL-Cotton Candy Kush

    MSNL-Critical Seeds

    MSNL-OG Kush Seeds

    MSNL-Sensi Kush Seeds

    MSNL-Strawberry Cough Seeds

    MSNL-Cronic Bud

    MSNL-Orange Bud

    MSNL-LA Confidental

    MSNL-Pineapple Kush



    MSNL-Amnesia Haze


    MSNL-Sour Diesel

    MSNL-Durban Poison

    MSNL-Hindu Kush

    MSNL-G13 Haze

    North Atlantic Seed Company..Grape Snowcone

    North Atlantic Seed Company -Ethos-Lilac Cookies Bx2

    North Atlantic Seed Company -Ethos-The Vineyard Bx2

    North Atlantic Seed Company -Ethos-Magik OG










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    • OMG!!!!😱😲😳. That’s toooo. Funny!!!!!  So.....  do you just go Iny Meany miney MO this is the 1 I’m gonna grow?????   Ha ha!!!   That’s cool ChAs420 !!!  .I vote   more of that Grape Snow cone please. Those were the most gorgeous colors  on some classy looking ladies. 😊

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      • I will stand with you too.

        Strain Breeder  Qty Reg or  Fem 
        Garlic breath 2.0 Thug Plug (Clones) 0 Fem
        Mandarin Cookies V2 Ethos  (Clones) 1 Fem
        Amnesia Haze Expert Seeds 1 Fem
        Blue Dream Garden of Green 0 Fem
        G13 Haze  Barneys 0 Fem
        Lemon OG Haze  Nirvana 4 Fem
        Raspberry Cough Nirvana 3 Fem
        Sterling Haze FEM Nirvana 4 Fem
        Sterling Haze Reg Nirvana 10 Regular
        11-Roses Delicious Seeds 3 Fem
        AK-48  Nirvana 0 Fem
        Alaskan Purple Seedsman 3 Fem
        Aurora Indica Nirvana 10 Regular
        Aurora Indica Nirvana 0 Fem
        B-52 Nirvana 5 Fem
        Black Domina  Sensi Seeds 3 Fem
        Blackberry Nirvana 4 Fem
        Blackjack Nirvana 5 Fem
        Bruce Banger Seedsman 6 Fem
        C99 Ape Origin 2 Fem
        Cannalope Haze DNA Genetics 6 Regular
        Caramelicious  Bulldog 10 Regular
        Caramelicious  Bulldog 1 Fem
        CARAMELO Delicious Seeds 14 Regular
        CBD Blue Shark (2 Seeds Failed and were replaced) Barneys 1 Fem
        CBD Star MOC 2 Fem
        Chocolate Haze Royal Queen 6 Fem
        Chocolate Mint OG  Humboldt 1 Fem
        Cocopopo   5 Fem
        Crescendo RBx1 Ethos   5 Fem
        Dinamed CBD Plus Dinafem 1 Fem
        Girl Scout Cookies  Nirvana 5 Fem
        Gorilla Glue Auto Fast Buds 0 Auto
        Green Crack Nirvana 5 Fem
        Green Poison XL  Sweet Seeds 2 Auto
        Hash Passion Reg Seedsman 5 Regular
        ICE Nirvana 4 Fem
        Jack Herer  Seedsman 14 Fem
        Jock Horror  Nirvana 4 Fem
        Jock Horror Auto Nirvana 0 Auto
        La Diva Delicious Seeds 3 Auto
        LA S.A.G.E CBD TH Seeds 1 Fem
        Lemon AK Auto Fast Buds 0 Auto
        Lemon OG Haze Auto Nirvana 0 Auto
        Mandarin Bubba Ethos 0 Fem
        Master Kush Nirvana 5 Regular
        Master Kush Nirvana 2 Fem
        Medusa Nirvana 4 Fem
        Misty Kush Nirvana 2 Fem
        Nebula CBD Nirvana 5 Fem
        Northern Lights Nirvana 4 Fem
        Northern Lights Auto Nirvana 4 Auto
        OG Kush Humboldt 3 Regular
        Original Skunk #1 Seedsman 4 Regular
        Papaya Nirvana 3 Fem
        PINEAPPLE CHUNK Barneys 3 Fem
        Pineapple Express Auto Fast Buds 0 Auto
        Rainbow Kush AMS 2 Fem
        Sativa Sour Diesel Nirvana 5 Fem
        Six Shooter Fast Buds 0 Auto
        Somango XXL Nirvana 5 Fem
        Spartan Kush male (M) x eleven rose (F) Pipeman69 6 Regular
        Sugar Black Rose Delicious Seeds 6 Regular
        Super Silver Haze Nirvana 5 Regular
        Super Skunk Nirvana 8 Regular
        Supreme CBD Durban Nirvana 3 Fem
        Sweet Tooth Sweet Seeds 2 Auto
        Tangie Nirvana 1 Fem
        Thai Fantasy  Kannabia 2 Fem
        Tutankhamun Pyramid Seeds 0 Fem
        UK Cheese Auto Humboldt 1 Auto
        UNKNOWN KUSH Delicious Seeds 14 Regular
        Venus Fly Trap Nirvana 2 Fem
        Vision Critical Auto Vision 1 Auto
        White Rhino Nirvana 0 Fem
        White Widow Nirvana 9 Regular
        White Widow Seedsman 3 Fem
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        • thats one way i do that smiley!when i pick what i gonna use

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