Comment to '16 Site Kratky SOG Northern Lights'
  • Look ma no air! I love it! looking good there Sub. How often are you changing the res.? I have noticed in dwc that if you keep the ppm just right your ph stays stable. I remember the first dwc grows and the ph was all over the place. i was worried about lock out with a high ppm, lol ohhh the things you learn.

    does your res. stay stable (ph)

    How warm does the water get?

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    • i plan to change the buckets approximately every 2-3 weeks or sooner if needed. 

      so far the water has been quite cool. DWC reservoirs get alot of heat from the air pump, believe it or not. I plan to cut out some cardboard to go over the buckets to insulate them from the heat of the light

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