Comment to 'What a great strain to grow!'
  • Big Buddha blue cheese is my biggest surprise yet this grow! Stayed short and kinda lost in the forest but once she got her share if light she poured it on! Super dense sticky buds, her smell is a very fruity skunk so where blue cheese comes in I have no idea but I gotta get my hands on some more of these seeds!

    I honestly can't say enough about this strain so far! Even has tricomes on the bottom of the fan leaves!

    I have a few clones of this one but had id known from the beginning she'd be this delicious, I would've grabbed a lot more!

    Very highly recommend this strain! 💙 🧀!


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    • Who is the breeder? She looks frosty as hell?

      Does she smell stronger than the Unknown Kush Crosses? 

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