Comment to 'A couple more weeks,'
  • Looking good👍!

    How many crosses did You end up making?

    I still have about 3 weeks left with 2 crosses and the 3rd cross is a branch I hit in my flower room has about 2 hoping in the next 8 weeks I'll have the room to throw down 3 of each crosses.

    Your seeds are gonna be nice size!



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    • 2 Crosses, a Lemon OG Haze and the male Super Silver Haze and crossed a Lemon OG Haze with an Unknown Kush male and since I had a female Super Silver Haze so I back crossed it with the male. I figured if I want more SSH seeds I better make my own.

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      • These are going to take another 3 weeks or more too I think. Funny the seeds on the SSH are huge but the ones on the Lemon OG Haze are tiny in comparison. I guess the mother has influence over that. 

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