Comment to 'AF'
Comment to AF
  • temps , rh , how you water and air flow over the plant . Microbial powders (recharge) .5 things for root growth. looks like overwatering in seedling stage. Like Bill59 said need more info.  Grow area size, RH, How do you water and how often, medium,  what are you using for air circulation and how are you using it? What Nutrients? What Strain? Auto or photo plant? I am assuming AF is autoflower.

    It looks partially healthy looks like a little clawing on the leaves. (overwatering).

    Remember we learn from mistakes and thus educates us to become better growers. So don't give up! And when you think you have it down right Mother nature sometimes throws nice screwballs at ya. lol Oh the hobby of growing. 

    Good luck with your grows.


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    • At my age , growing is my mistress. 


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