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  • Synthetic drugs differ from organic ones in that they are produced via chemical synthesis.

    Synthetic drugs are designed to mimic organic botanical compounds, but they often contain highly processed chemicals. The body has difficulty recognizing synthetic drugs, which makes them harder to process and metabolize. For this reason, these drugs are more likely to induce toxicity and adverse side effects. Common examples of synthetic drugs include most all prescription drugscrack-cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy), and methamphetamine.


    Pills are organic?????

    Put down the bong, Bro.

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    • I am with you there! So true!

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      • So you say, its kinda like how shatters made from bud and butane / gas.  you can but Im not gonna call shatter a synthetic or chemical substance.

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        • I will agree with you some are but I wouldn't put ecstasy, meth, or something of that nature in the same category as prescription painkiller drugs, as there made from the poppy plant or cocaine were its made from the coca plant.

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