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I guess I keep looking for a reputable breeder/dealer in u.s.a..the duds came from maphisto seeds I guess north Atlantic was just the seller 

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    • yeah North Atlantic is seller of other breeders stock...i not sure tho, if they breed their own too or not.....did you check out those seeds that dint pop to see if they are still uncracked? maybe try again with new moist paper towel an see what happens b4 u toss em

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      • i have some North Atlantic that have done very well ....

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        • I order everything from delicious seeds now. I used to buy strictly nirvana but have since found better deals on delicious. You can also find alot of reputable breeders on IG.. Mantis Genetics, bakery genetics, are a few local breeders. Some offer just reg photos, other also offer a feminized line up. 

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          • Delicious Seeds are good..they offer a lot of other breeders stock but the last i knew they only ship the Delicious Seeds and World Of Seeds to the USA here.  (you can email em and ask tho)....ive used Delicious Seeds a long time too an have a bunch in my seed collection..ive ran quite a few of their strainz.

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            • what method did you use to sprout and how long did you try for and did you use a heating pad for the germination...what kinda of heatpad was used if any? 

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