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Lesson learned

Hey people .... I had to post this so maybe it will help someone some day. I'm a paper towel germinating kinda guy cause it works for me. I tried peat plugs for the second time and came close to losing a future harvest. I still used the paper towel method but put my tap roots in the peat pods or whatever they are. Well I noticed some very slow growth ......Really slow. So I transplanted from the peat and my poor little roots were trapped in the pod. I put them in air pots and saw a difference within hours . So no more peat pods.

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    • depending the brand peat pods can have improper pH for cannabis seedlings.

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      • whatever works for you is what you should stick with.  I use paper towel method then i transfer to rockwool but i do DWC Hydro. Do you use a humidity dome?  I know king uses peat pods and does real well with them, Maybe he knows the trick, but again, whatever works for you!

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        • that's all i've ever used ....

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          • I have mostly grown Super Skunk but Im trying Chemdawg.


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            • i used to use those long ago..matter of fact i have a package of those from several years ago..i dont use them any more..they do werk pretty good tho...now i just use the Moist Paper Towel Method to get seeds to pop and then i put them into the rapid rooter seed plugs till isee roots poppinh out the sides and then into solo cups with soil..  after 2 er 3 weeks er so i move them into their final container...GL

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