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How to prevail having male plants

Hello , I want to buy a lot of feminized seeds , however there is a big change that one seed won't be feminised, when can I see this en how to prevail that all the other plants will be infected .



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    • I buy feminized seed all the time and have never had male plant.  however a plant can put out seeds under stress. also if you aae wanting "ALOT" of feminized plants, consider cloning. You can get as many feminized plants as you want!

      i think the word youre looking for is prevent

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      • Hello 


        Thank you.

        Yes Cloning is what I do now however the quality isn't anymore what it should be. The price is already 5€ a piece and we have purrs now. And it s allways a lot of stress to get those things. So seeds is now for me a safer way , cheaper and a better quality for me now. 

        I read also that after 4 weeks grow you can see if it's a male. Wil start in 2 liter pots and then 1 week in 11 liter . And then 12/12.

        Greetings D

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