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outside weed

i got 1 plant in preflower and got some  yellowing and some spots on leaves

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    • Need a picture and what is the PH level of the water you give it

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      • If its hit preflower than it’s prolly using a little more nitrogen than usual an the spots I would say are a calcium deficiency, the plants is stretching an getting rdy for flower it’s needing some calcium for cellular integrity to support the new growth.

        But CPW is correct a picture along with what ph ur using will help a lot on figuring out what the problem is.

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        • If the plant has been gettin hit with all this high heat, then it's probably heat stress. Monitor the plant, and it should recover in a week or so. Those affected leaves will eventually fall off. No biggie. The roots are the the driving force behind the growth, so make attempts to keep them from gettin to hot. Temps over 95 can be damaging if in pots above ground !!!! Need pic. Happy growin

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