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New Neighbor

I have a new neighbor that moved in to a house on a few acres near me a couple months ago. Yesterday, I saw 2 greenhouses being delivered, so I stopped and introduced myself and asked him what he was gunna grow in the greenhouses. He said mainly veggies for wholesale. I couldn't resist and asked cannabis ? You shoulda seen his face light up !!!! He said maybe a couple..he,he,he. Come to find out after we talked for a few minutes, he was relocating from Cali, a big ID grower, and had to get the hell out of Cali. because of all the governmental bullshit, mainly taxation laws !! I'm goin over tonight to have some wine, smoke a fatty, and chit chat . I'm pumped !!   

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    • You found a kindred spirt, or a DEA agent.  It's hard to tell these days.🤫

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      • You funny Bman !! I must say if he's a DEA dude he's a slickster !! He's legit !

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        • You can tell if it’s a cop in first few minutes of conversation. If by chance he was something more like DEA he could probably care less about you growing IMO. I would still do I a background check. I would worry more if he had any theft on his record than anything else. Can’t put a price on a good neighbor, good luck Chubbs.

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