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Good Solid Advice From A Pro Grower

This is for some of the rookie growers, and vets too. I was doin some research this mornin and found this. Short but sweet and very true....  "A lot of nutrient deficiencies look similar, but if you take the time to just look and recognize that something is funky, then you can run tests to figure out what’s going on. It’s a process of elimination. “Let’s do a pH test, then let's do an electrical conductivity (EC) test. Those look normal, so let’s cross this and that out.” It’s almost like figuring out a little puzzle. I really enjoy learning to speak to the plants so we can give them what they need." PEACE

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    • dam Mr. Chubby USA Weedportal inspected grade A+ top shelf my friend !!

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      • for got thank u 4 the post ....

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      • what strain is dat?

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        • Blue Berry Sour Diesel tester I did ID, for a dude on Overgrow. It was real nice !!! I have a couple plants OD, and I will definitely clone them . Might do a seed run too, but I'll need to get the OK. 

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          • Damn Chubbs solid looking bud, they chose the best guy for the job no doubt. If I remember this is how it started for justme too. You guys reach these levels of growing like you and Chas and s few others that have been doing it so long sooner or later your talent is recognized. Hope you don’t leave us too your knowledge is too valuable to loose.

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